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Minister of Transport and Works, Hon Mike Henry, says that the fording across the Dry River at Harbour View, St. Andrew, will be restored shortly after the cessation of the ongoing rainfall.

Minister of Transport and Works, Hon Mike Henry.

Mr. Henry, who toured the damaged facility Wednesday morning, said the Bailey bridge that spanned the river was not washed away, as is being widely reported, but was dismantled by the contractors currently engaged in the construction of a permanent bridge over the river.
The Minister said the Bailey bridge was at the same incline as that projected for the pending structure, hence the temporary facility was taken down to facilitate the construction work.
Mr. Henry said the immediate problem in the area was damage to the fording from flood waters associated with Tropical Storm Nicole, which scoured the area Tuesday night. He said the central base of the fording, though somewhat affected, remained largely intact.
“Once the rainfall ceases and the water recedes, within about a day we can have the fording back in operation and traffic restored along the corridor, weather permitting, that is,” he assured.
Mr. Henry has asked for public understanding of the challenges to the public infrastructure from intense weather systems, and urged public co-operation in the bid to restore the fording to its intended use within the shortest possible time, after the weather improves.

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