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The HEART Trust/NTA is pursuing a partnership with the Justice Training Institute, to develop and verify standards for courses delivered at the Institute.
This was disclosed today (September 27), by Senior Director of Planning and Project Development at the HEART Trust/NTA, Tom McArdle. He was speaking at the launch of the orientation exercise for the Court Reporters’ Training Programme, held at the offices of the Ministry of Justice, in New Kingston.
Mr. McArdle told the group of Ministry officials and 30 course participants, that “we at HEART Trust are actively pursuing a possible partnership between the Justice Training Institute and the HEART Trust/NTA, and the larger Ministry [of Justice] as the parent to the Institute”.
He explained that this partnership would involve the development and verification of course standards and the accreditation of the Justice Training Institute by the National Council on Technical Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET). The partnership, he added, would include “assessment and certification of competencies by recognized assessors with professional credibility in the field and the possibility of funding assistance from the HEART Trust/NTA”.
The HEART Trust is now preparing a project document in this regard, for completion this month. The document will then be presented to the Board of the Trust.
“We ask that the students and administrators of this Institute work closely with us as we work together to establish what we hope will be the finest court reporting and steno[graphy] programme, with a reputation for turning out the best professionals in this important field,” Mr. McArdle said.

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