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The HEART Trust/NTA officially opened a career development centre on Manchester Avenue in May Pen, Clarendon on August 16. This is the first such centre to be opened in the island by that organization.
Addressing the opening ceremony, Dermon Spence, Director of Regional Programme Services explained that the centre had been developed to prepare persons for a dynamic global workplace that demanded constantly changing and increasing skills.
“It is with an in-depth appreciation of the need to promote the reality of lifelong learning for continuous personal development and self evaluation in this globally competitive environment, that the HEART Trust/NTA, through the department of Regional Programme Services presents to you this May Pen career development centre,” he told the audience.
He pointed out that the centre was the first of 11 to be redesigned and made available to all working age Jamaicans across the island over the next two to three years.
Mr. Spence added that the move to establish the centre was consistent with the HEART Trust/NTA’s national mandate to train and certify over 100,000 persons annually by 2008.
He pointed out that a national career guidance and counselling programme would be offered at the centre to assist individuals to make and implement informed educational and occupational choices.
The centre will offer psychometric testing, online counselling, online application to all HEART Trust/NTA programmes, job searching, entrepreneurial counselling and profile development, among others.
In addition to school leavers, the centre is expected to facilitate employers, employees, the displaced and unemployed, retirees, civic and community groups, government and non-governmental organizations, schools, colleges and other training providers.
The HEART Trust/NTA also hosted a ‘Decisions Expo’, aimed at assisting persons to make informed and appropriate decisions when deciding on a future career.
Persons were able to view exhibitions from the Black River, Ebony Park, Junction and Newport HEART academies as well as the Caribbean Institute of Technology (CIT) in Montego Bay.

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