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The Ministry of Health has received a total of 1,000 mosquito nets from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), to assist in its fight to further quell the malaria outbreak.
According to Director of Emergency, Disaster Management and Special Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Marion Bullock-Ducasse, the nets are part of shipment of 3,000 from the UN system, the rest of which should arrive by the end of the year.
These are not your usual mosquito nets, as they are equipped with a small amount of insecticide. The insecticide is safe for close contact with humans, but kill mosquitoes or deter them from feasting on the blood of persons.
Dr. Bullock-Ducasse disclosed that 500 of the nets would be handed over to the Kingston and St. Andrew Public Health Department for distribution to affected communities.
“Persons who are suspected to have malaria and others who have been confirmed as having the disease, will be given top priority when the health team commence distributing the nets,” she told JIS News.
The Director also said that the Ministry would be seeking the assistance of the Members of Parliament, Councillors and community leaders in distributing the remainder of the current shipment of nets in the affected areas.
In addition to distributing the nets by the weekend, Dr. Bullock-Ducasse said that 6,000 containers of insect repellents would also be given to communities in the affected areas.
Acting Chief Medical Officer, Sheila Campbell-Forrester is urging persons to use the nets correctly. “We encourage persons not to sleep on the nets. Make sure that the net is not touching the skin,” she advised.
She further implored persons to take responsibility for their health. “No matter where you move to in Jamaica, you are going to have mosquitoes at this time and they carry disease, such as dengue fever and malaria, so the same precautions apply whether you are on the bus, street and at a family gathering,” she said.
The precautions include wearing long sleeved shirts and pants, light coloured clothing and using insect repellent.

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