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Senior Medical Officer (SMO) at the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital, Nicole Dawkins, is commending the Ministry of Health for taking steps to repair biomedical equipment at the facility.

She told JIS News that the hospital is heavily dependent on biomedical equipment to carry out a lot of its functions and when they malfunction, service delivery is affected.

“One of the challenges that we face is that we tend to have a lot of downtime as it relates to our equipment and as a result, it sometimes impedes how quickly we can manage our patients,” Dr. Dawkins said.

She was speaking to JIS News on Tuesday February 8 during a visit by two biomedical technicians from Cuba, who assessed malfunctioning medical equipment at the facility and identified repair needs. Dr. Dawkins told JIS News that the visit of the Cubans was greatly appreciated.

The visit of the biomedical technicians is part of an agreement with the Cuban Government to ensure consistency and continuity in the maintenance of equipment at medical facilities across the island and to equip locals with the skills to conduct repairs.

The first phase of the programme involves assessment, while the second phase entails actual repairs and maintenance work at an estimated cost of $49 million. There are approximately 200 pieces of equipment that are slated for repairs.

Chief Medical Officer (CEO) at St. Ann’s Bay Hospital, Keith Richards said that the collaboration with the Cuban government for the repair of the medical equipment is a positive move by the Health Ministry.

“There is a dire need for some repair of equipment here at the facility and we do look forward to the collaboration and the fact that you will be able to give us some hands-on training as well and to leave information with us to boost our team’s capabilities,” Mr. Richards said.

He thanked the Cuban technicians and the Ministry of Health for the work that will be carried out at the facility and pledged the support of the members of staff as they continue to serve citizens in a professional manner.



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