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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson says the development of a five-star resort at Harmony Cove in Trelawny will provide Jamaica with the best opportunity for creating sustainable economic growth and improving the quality of life for the people of Jamaica.
He said the concept of the resort is aimed at reviving the high-end leisure experience that characterized the local tourism sector in its early days and that Harmony Cove was integral to this initiative. He said the resort was also critical to the redefinition of Jamaica’s tourism product.
Mr. Patterson was speaking on Thursday (Oct. 21) at the Harmony Cove Investors Conference held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montego Bay. Over sixty investors from Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States are attending the conference.
“We are excited about this project because it opens up the prospect for Jamaica to distinguish itself with a very lucrative target market as a vacation and residential resort,” Mr. Patterson said.
The Prime Minister said the Harmony Cove development has been carefully planned to make it attractive to local and foreign investors alike. He pointed out that the business environment that has been cultivated in Jamaica as well as the spirit of cooperation among the social and economic partners, have engendered measurable investor confidence in Jamaica.
“We are already enjoying significant new investments in tourism, minerals, light manufacturing, information technology, cultural industries and other sectors of the economy,” Mr. Patterson stated.
He said there was enough evidence to indicate that Jamaica was on track with its development programme given the major investments in its air and seaports, road and highway network, as well as utilities including adequate water supplies, electricity generation and telecommunications.
Mr. Patterson said he was confident that the local team charged with the responsibility for the development will deliver. He stressed that he will be using the full weight of his office to ensure that Harmony Cove becomes a reality.
The Harmony Cove Investors Conference offered potential investors the opportunity to receive full details on this landmark project. Apart from presentations on the concept design and project structure, presentations were also made by Jamaica’s leading experts on the economy, investment, human resources and environment. With the information received at the conference, potential investors now have a complete view of the project’s potential and Jamaica’s development thrust.
Prime Minister Patterson announced the Harmony Cove development in his budget presentation to Parliament in April. The resort will be built on 1400 acres of land on the North Coast of Trelawny and will feature four five-star hotels, one of which will include a 1000 room convention hotel. The property will also include three signature golf courses, apartments and condominiums and approximately 200 upscale villas and manor houses on lots of between one to five acres.

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