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More than 5,000 jobs are to be created in the tourism sector when the Harmony Cove Resort in Trelawny is completed in another decade.
This was noted recently by Managing Partner of the Tavistock Group, Christopher Anand, at a Speaker’s Forum on the US$2 to $4 billion Harmony Cove Resort Project, held in Kingston.
“Economically it will be a huge boost, not only in terms of the dollars that we’ll spend, but job creation,” Mr. Anand said.
“I actually think what people underestimate when something like this gets built (are) the spin-off entrepreneurial business opportunities that get created from it,” he said, adding that Harmony Cove would create “unbelievable opportunities for people in the construction, service and manufacturing industries.”
He cited the vibrancy of the Jamaican people, which he said, was welcoming and optimistic. “It has a profound effect upon everybody who comes here,” he said.
Marketing the employability of Jamaicans in the tourism sector, Minister of Tourism, Entertainment and Culture, Aloun Assamba commended the country’s training programmes, and assured that the hospitality staff was trainable and market-ready.
She lauded the HEART Trust/NTA and its role in the tourism sector and mentioned the community training that was taking place across Jamaica.
Welcoming the US investors, the Minister said: “These kinds of development are supported by infrastructural development that has been taking place.and provides the multiplier effect, not just for employment to entire communities but also.the communities will get a lift when a resort like Harmony Cove comes into town, because it supplies more social infrastructure such as schools, clinics and other services that we need for our people.”
In the meantime, Mr. Anand outlined one of the objectives of the Tavistock Group, which he said was to give visitors an appreciation of the global brands for which Jamaica was famous.
The Harmony Cove Development will create “a place where amazing events happen.where amazing experiences are enjoyed,” the Managing Partner told the business leaders.
“What that does is build affinity for the place, so Bristol Motor Cars may be the precursor to a luxury motor car show that forces a whole bunch of people to Jamaica (to) understand what it’s all about every year,” he explained, while showcasing the assets owned by the Tavistock Group, which include Bristol Motor Cars and Orlando’s Lake Nona Golf and Country Club. The investors are partnering with the Jamaican Government to create a new luxury destination resort, including several hotels and three championship golf courses. A professional golf tournament to be staged in Jamaica is said to be also part of the plans for Harmony Cove, the resort that will set a new standard in luxury vacationing in the Caribbean.
The Tavistock Group is a global, private investment company that was founded 30 years ago by investor Joe Lewis. The company has grown to encompass a broad portfolio of interests in over 100 companies in 15 countries.

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