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Minister of Information and Development, Donald Buchanan, has said that the Harmony Cove development, once completed, will place Jamaica firmly in the ultra luxury tourism market.
“It will offer not only rooms, but an experience that will change the face of our hospitality industry and related enterprises forever,” Mr. Buchanan stated during his contribution to the 2007/08 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday (June 5). According to the Development Minister, the project, which is expected to cost between US$2 billion to 4 billion, will include several upscale resort and boutique hotels, a comprehensive amenities package, championship golf courses, a marina and luxury residences.
“The project will generate gross domestic product, employment and foreign exchange. It will augment Brand Jamaica and transport our brand into the upper echelons of the travel and tourist markets by juxtaposing our unique style with the ultra-luxury images associated with Tavistock (investor company),” Mr. Buchanan added.
Pointing further to the benefits that the country will derive from the project, Minister Buchanan said there will be an opportunity to create high-end jobs in the tourism sector, which will mean higher skilled jobs, increased salaries and benefits.
The project, he said further, will also create greater opportunities for showcasing the country’s world-class products, and increase linkages with producers of goods and services such as farmers, operators of attractions, tour operators and landscapers.
“Projects such as these tourism-related ones have the highest ripple effect on the economy. According to industry figures, each new hotel room generates at least one direct job,” he pointed out.
Construction of the first phase, including hotels and amenities, is scheduled to begin in 2009 and will take at least three years to complete. The remaining phases of the project are expected to be completed within 10 years.
The government is partnering with the United States-based Tavistock Group on this initiative. The Tavistock Group is a global, private investment company that was founded 30 years ago by investor Joe Lewis and has grown to encompass a broad portfolio of interests in over 100 companies in 15 countries.

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