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Secretary/Manager of the Hanover Parish Council, Alfred Graham has assured that water supplied from the Hanover parish-managed minor water supply system is being properly treated and is safe for drinking.
He noted however that it is best for persons to boil all drinking water before consumption, irrespective of the source.
Mr. Graham’s statement came against the background of recent media reports that tests carried out by the Hanover Health Department on water from minor supply systems within the parish, had shown little or no chlorine residual content, which would suggest that the water was not being chlorinated. According to the media report the Health Department has been complaining about the matter since the beginning of the year.
The Secretary/Manager pointed out that the Parish Council had adequate supplies of chlorine in stock, and persons were employed to carry out the chlorination process at all the water systems.
“Our systems are not designed like the National Water Commission (NWC) systems, we have part-time chlorinators that service our systems. They work in the morning for two hours, and again in the evenings for two hours, and that is the time that the chlorination is done,” he said.
With this in mind, Mr. Graham expressed the view that the readings from the tests carried out by the Health Department would be dependent on the time of day that they were done. He stated that the Parish Council always sought to ensure that the water received by the public from its water systems was of the highest quality, but advised that residents should boil their water before consumption.
He said that the Parish Council and the Hanover Health Department enjoyed a very close and excellent working relationship, and were always in constant dialogue with a view to addressing matters of concern raised by the Health Department. “We always try to respond to their concerns, by doing our own checks and where necessary we take corrective actions and do follow-ups,” he emphasised.
He said that despite its limited resources, the Parish Council always gave priority to health concerns.

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