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Plans are far advanced in the parish of Hanover to commemorate the birth day of National Hero Sir Alexander Bustamante on February 24.
The Hanover Cultural Development Committee in collaboration with the Hanover Parish Council is planning a civic ceremony, which will be held in the district of Blenheim, at the site on which Sir Alexander was born.
Although the house in which the National Hero was born, which was a national heritage site, was destroyed by fire in March of 2004 during a period when the parish of Hanover was experiencing severe drought and a number of bush fires raged throughout the parish, plans have been made for the ceremony to be held as is usual on that site. This is with a view to maintaining the cultural history attached to the event.
Chairman of the planning Committee, Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Lester Crooks, expressed the view that a serious assessment must be taken of all the heritage sites within the parish, with regard to their safety and maintenance. As such he says that the parish council would be writing to the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) for their input in the matter.
The annual civic ceremony in Blenheim is an event that thousands of adults and children from across Jamaica in general and within Hanover in particular always look forward to. Information coming out of the parish Cultural Development Committee is that the 2006 event will be even more colourful and interesting than the previous ones.
With the ceremony slated to begin at 11:00 a.m. and not lasting more than two hours, Mayor Crooks says that this year’s programme has been structured to maintain the interest of everyone who will attend. Through an array of cultural presentations, the life and work of Sir Alexander will be highlighted at the event.

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