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The Hanover Parish Development Committee (PDC) has elected a new nine-member executive at its annual general meeting held on May 1.
Newly elected president of the organization, Norbert McPherson, in a report at the general meeting of the Hanover Parish Council on Thursday, May 10, named the members of the executive of the PDC, and outlined the immediate plans of the organization. He also pledged the PDC’s willingness to work with the Parish Council.
In his first report to the Parish Council, Mr. McPherson said the PDC was willing to work with the Council to develop a beautification programme for the major coastal towns within the parish, such as Hopewell, Sandy Bay, Lucea, and Green Island. He said that the organization would make the necessary proposals to other groups and individuals, to access funding if it was needed.
He made a plea for more attention to be paid to the development of attractions, as the hotel room stock within the parish is expanded. “We also want to look at our cultural industries and devise a strategic plan, to ensure that the people of Hanover recognize the potential and capitalize on this fast growing tourism sector,” he emphasized.
Mr. McPherson recommended that a public education programme to sensitize Hanoverians about the pros and the cons of the developing tourism sector within the parish, be undertaken jointly by the Parish Council, the police, the chamber of commerce, the health department, and the PDC.
The new executive of the PDC include: Norbert McPherson, President; Rev. Oniel Brown, First Vice President; Anthony Walker, Second Vice President; Claudia Gardner, General Secretary; Andria Dehaney, Deputy General Secretary; Conroy Ghans, Treasurer; Angella Haye, Deputy Treasurer; and James Thompson, and Richard Lumsden, Directors.

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