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The Hanover Parish Council is moving to take action against businesses and individuals who have breached the building regulations and code within the parish.
Secretary/Manager of the Council, Alfred Graham told JIS News that a significant number of notices of breaches had been served on persons carrying out illegal developments, for them to visit the Council to have their developments properly approved.
Mr. Graham emphasised that any failure on the part of persons carrying out these illegal developments to regularise them before the expiration of the notices served, would result in court action being taken against them by the Hanover Parish Council. He said that some 13 breaches had been submitted to the Council’s lawyer for prosecution in the Resident Magistrate court in the parish.
The Secretary/Manager also pointed out that there was an increase in the number of developments being forwarded to the Council for approval.
He added that there had been a 100 per cent increase in the number of plans being forwarded to the Council on a monthly basis for approval. Buildings plans jumped from seven or eight per month to 15 or 16 plans per month. This has resulted in an average monthly income to the Council from this activity moving from $250,000 per month to more than $400,000 per month up to January 2004, with February 2004 seeing a record income of $800,000 being realised from that activity.
Mr. Graham stated that the drive to rid the parish of illegal developers would be maintained by the Council, as these persons did not only deprive the Council of revenue, but also caused development to take place in an unplanned manner which sometimes were vulnerable to natural disasters.

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