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Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness has launched a schools’ motivation outreach programme, designed to encourage students to adopt the tenets of the national motto, anthem and pledge, as the foundations for building a progressive nation that was free from crime and violence.
The programme gets underway in September and “we will be carrying this programme into the schools”, said George Watson, Executive Director of Hands Across Jamaica. He was speaking at the launch of the initiative at the Cecil Charlton Hall in Mandeville recently.
He informed that under the programme, “we will seek to link the older generation to the younger generation through the use of role models, who will speak to how they had applied some of the principles of the motto, anthem and pledge to their individual lives”.
He explained that during the first phase of the programme, 1,000 resource persons would be sent to 1,000 schools, where they would spend the day interacting with the students and enforcing the importance of discipline, social responsibility and taking charge of oneself.
“The important part of course, is the sharing of the individual experience of each speaker,” Mr. Watson said, noting that the testimonial of the presenters would serve to reinforce the importance of working patiently at a particular goal.
“Modern day students expect everything to happen overnight and this is not the way life is. There are certain procedures that one has to follow before you can drive the BMW… if you do not do things in the legitimate way, you may drive the BMW, but you may only have a lifespan of five years after acquiring the vehicle… so students, Jamaica is in your hands,” he stated.

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