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The Half-Way-Tree Transportation Centre, currently under construction, will comprise a state of the art facility featuring two levels for arriving and departing buses as well as appropriate facilities and comfortable surroundings for the commuting public.
As stated in the Ministry of Transport and Works’ Highlights of Agency Performance 2004/2005 report, which was tabled in the House of Representatives on June 14, the facility will also house a commercial area with a number of shops and kiosks, as well as offices of the Transport Authority and the Jamaican Urban Transit Company (JUTC).
The Transport Centre will be a modern, central facility providing one terminus for all buses traversing Half-Way-Tree and, will facilitate major improvements in the JUTC’s scheduling and dispatching of buses, as well as its overall efficiency.
“The Half-Way-Tree Transportation Centre, which is being constructed over a 30-month period, will impact positively on the lives of thousands of Jamaicans as they go about their daily endeavours,” the document stated.
Currently, the Half-Way-Tree area is a hub for buses serving some 200,000 commuters on various routes. There is an unacceptable level of congestion and commuters have had to endure the absence of appropriate facilities to meet their needs, the document said. In addition, it added, “commuters are totally exposed to the vagaries of the elements and this is not acceptable”.
The governments of Jamaica and Belgium are funding the project.

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