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Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr. Keith Mitchell, has expressed appreciation to the governments and people of the Caribbean, for their assistance to his country’s recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricanes Ivan and Emily.
“To all my Caribbean brothers and sisters, I want you to express to your people the gratitude of the Grenadian people for what you are doing for us at this time,” he said.
Dr. Mitchell, who was making a brief address at the opening session of the PetroCaribe Summit at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montego Bay on September 6, mentioned the “tremendous support” given by countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Cuba and Venezuela.
“I want to thank all of you for continuing to support our effort, ask you to continue to do that in whatever ways you can do so, and to say to you that the government and people of Grenada continues to thank you for those efforts,” he stated.
Turning to the PetroCaribe Agreement, Dr. Mitchell said it was an “extremely important” initiative or Grenada, as it represented a serious effort at softening the effects of rising oil prices, which would go a far way in assisting Grenada in its reconstruction efforts.
Grenada was one of 16 governments and heads of state of the region to sign on to the agreement with Venezuela, which would provide the region with oil at preferential rates, as well as facilitate endeavours in exploration, refining and distribution of the raw material, while supporting the development of renewable energy sources.

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