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The National Library of Jamaica is hosting an islandwide exhibition dubbed ‘Greetings from Jamaica,’ which features 38 postcards taken from the library’s collection.
The collection showcases postcards that have been used to advertise Jamaica from as far back as 1902.
First unveiled on World Tourism Day, September 27 at Devon House, the exhibition will be taken around the island to various parish libraries for the remainder of the year and into early next year. This will include stops in Manchester, November 6 to 17; St. Elizabeth, November 21 to December 2; Westmoreland, December 5 to 26 and St. James, December 28 to January 11.
Head of Research and Information at the National Library of Jamaica, Jessica Lewis, told JIS News that the cards featured in the exhibition dated from the 1900s to the 1960s and illustrated structural changes that occurred in some Jamaican towns as well as significant landmarks.
Ms. Lewis informed that the postcards were chosen from different categories including greetings, historical, art and photographic cards. She added that some of the cards showcase old hotels, which were prominent in the 1960s such as Myrtle Bank, Rio Cobre, Playboy Club and properties that no longer existed, while others displayed images of historic Jamaica including old Fern Gully, the Rio Cobre Canal and the Blue Lagoon.
“These postcards can be used as part of historical research or as another resource for telling the story of our past,” Ms. Lewis said, while indicating that “some have social commentary on Jamaica in them,” which makes them “rich resources other than books and pamphlets.”
In-depth research was conducted on the focal point of each postcard ensuring that brief notes accompanied each card. Additionally, information has been included to describe the postcards, for example, the timeframe in which they were produced, whether they are from the divided back or undivided back era, and the processes used to create each card.
The National Library of Jamaica holds one of the largest post card collections in the Caribbean with over 200 cards in its possession.

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