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The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Honourable Olivia Grange, MP has said there needs to be a new relationship of co-operation between national sports federations and Government.

Addressing the Caribbean Football Union Congress in Montego Bay, St James this morning (Tuesday), Minister Grange said it was time to put aside the notion that “there must be a very wide line drawn between Government and sports (federations)”.

Minister Grange said:

“Government must not run sport; but it should play its part as a partner in its development.

“The fact is, Jamaica is a small country; the nations of the Caribbean are small countries with small economies.  I do not see the Sports Federations achieving their goals without some public funding."

The Minister said that the Government continues to be a major funder of sports and physical activity in Jamaica and it is essential that the Ministry works with the federations to “get the best value for that cash”.

The Minister told the Congress that the Government is working to realise the potential of making Jamaica one of the world’s leading destinations for competition and other sports events, such as the Congress.

Minister Grange said she envisions a new relationship of co-operation between the Government and sports federations through which strategies for sports success will be developed.

Minister Grange said:

“I think our future approach must begin with a new understanding of our relationship.  Government and Sports Federations must now see ourselves as partners working to achieve the same goals.  Let’s not see ourselves as us and them.  We are in this thing together.

“Once we have settled on that, we can move to the next stage of crafting our strategy for hosting major events, such as the CONCACAF Under 17 championship.

“If we work together from the early stages – even before we bid for the competitions, we can assure success."


Issued by: The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture

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