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The Government of Jamaica today (Aug.17) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dilieu Technology for the acquisition of an electronic monitoring system for the Department of Correctional Services.
The system will be used for the tracking of certain categories of offenders including parolees and inmates, who qualify for the Conditional Release Work Programmes.
Addressing journalists at the signing ceremony held at the Kingston offices of the Ministry of National Security, Commissioner of Corrections, Major Richard Reese, said that the electronic monitoring of offenders will be undertaken in a two-year pilot phase.
“Each offender will be required to wear an ankle bracelet and personal trucking unit and special reporting requirements and restrictions will be programmed based on each offender’s case management criteria,” he explained.
He informed that the Correctional Services will establish a monitoring centre, while the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), a key stakeholder in the process, will be responsible for the recall of offenders, who have breached the monitoring requirements. Participation in the programme will be subject to the offender’s consent.
On successful completion of the pilot, Major Reese said, the Department of Correctional Services will make legislative and policy recommendations to the Ministry of National Security as it relates to electronic monitoring offender management programmes.
Other stakeholders in the pilot project include the Jamaica Defence Force, Ministry of Justice, Probation After-care Services and offenders.
Minister of National Security, Dr. Peter Phillips, in his remarks at the signing ceremony, said the MOU with Dilieu represents another effort by the government to bring modern technologies to the process of crime management in Jamaica.
“Here in Jamaica, I am satisfied that the introduction of this technology will provide for two important outcomes. It will enhance the smooth re-entry of inmates into their communities while at the same time reduce the prison population without undue risk to the society,” he stated.
State Minister for National Security, Dr. Donald Rhodd, noted that the use of electronic tagging is in keeping with government’s commitment to “rehabilitation as well as the use of non custodial sentences as part of the menu of initiatives to reintegrate offenders, especially first time offenders, into mainstream society.”
Cabinet on April 2, 2007 approved the introduction of a pilot programme of electronic monitoring for certain categories of offenders. The cost of the pilot is US$150,000, which represents approximately 20 per cent of the cost of the extended project.

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