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The Government will be embarking on a programme to encourage persons to harvest rain water for domestic use, especially in areas where the resource is scarce.
The disclosure was made by Minister of Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang as he addressed the recent monthly meeting of the St. Elizabeth Parish Council. He said that in the new financial year the programme will get underway as it is necessary to complement the other water improvement initiatives that the government has undertaken.
“First, we would have to do a public education programme to deal with some of the social stigma associated with that type of water, and then we are going to provide some incentives similar to what has been offered by the NHT for persons to go solar. It will be a very organized programme, we want our people to have access to water, and this is one way of ensuring that water is available for domestic use. It is something that is done well in Bermuda, and it can be done here,” the Minister stated.
Meanwhile, Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer has welcomed the move, saying it will have tremendous benefits for most of the parish of St. Elizabeth.
“It fact, it was one of the proposals that I came into the Council with when I first entered as Mayor. It is very crucial that in a parish where what is called potable water is below the national average, we seek to harness all the sources that are available and areas stretching from the border of Westmoreland and along the southern belt to the border of Manchester will benefit from it,” he said.