Gov’t Moves to Increase Access to ICT

A strategy to increase computer literacy in the population, while improving access to the information communication technology (ICT) systems at affordable prices, will be promulgated later this year.]
Minister of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce, Phillip Paulwell, who made the announcement at an ICT Forum held yesterday (April 17) at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, said that this vision is embodied in E-Powering Jamaica, a five-year National Information and Communications Technology (NICT) strategy for the period 2007-2012.
While acknowledging that the initiative would be a challenge, Mr Paulwell said his vision is to see Jamaica “become an inclusive, development-oriented, knowledge-based society that achieves economic and social growth through the integration of ICTs into all aspects of the nation’s life.”
“The aim is to magnify Jamaica’s position as a leader in the delivery of ICT-enhanced services and new investment opportunities,” he noted.
A new Telecommunications Act passed in Parliament last year and the Electronic Transactions Act that took effect on April 2, are the latest actions on the part of the government in pursuit of its mission.
Meanwhile, Mr. Paulwell expressed gratitude to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which he noted, has provided critical support in the development and implementation of Jamaica’s e-learning project and facilitating the holding of several workshops and meetings to improve technical competency for the project.
“Such assistance has helped to galvanize the ICT sector locally and contributed to the country’s focus on human resource development, the establishment of infrastructure, reforming the legal and regulatory framework and the critical objective of bridging the digital divide,” the Minister stated.

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