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Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Christopher Tufton, has said that the Ministry will be putting measures in place to replenish the country’s beef stock to meet demands in the dairy industry.
“Over the next year or two, we will be looking at some methods to try and replenish as well as to try and get more stock into the island.we have in fact started some programmes at Bodles Research Station. It is going to take some time as this is not an overnight industry,” the Minister said, noting that he will soon be making a number of announcements in this regard.
Dr. Tufton, who was speaking to farmers in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth recently, said that over the years “we have (failed) to maintain the quality of our herd and our stock and so we are now in a state of crisis as even as I speak, we are killing the cattle faster than how we can replenish the stock”.
“This critical area has to be brought back and I encourage both the local farmers and the private sector to get involved and join with us in the effort,” he stated, noting that the intent is to return the dairy sector to its glory days.

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