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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Professor Kenneth Hall is urging young people to commit themselves to the pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields, so as to make Jamaica a truly great society.
Speaking yesterday (October 10), at a Youth Award for Excellence consultative breakfast, held at Northern Caribbean University, Professor Hall said it was his hope that more young persons would use their skills to participate in projects and programmes that would enhance the quality of life in their respective communities.
“The Governor-General’s youth award for excellence was introduced earlier this year, and so far a total of 28 persons between 18 and 35 years of age across the island have been awarded this honour. These awards are expected to engender a spirit of patriotism towards the national development process,” he said.
Professor Hall pointed out that the programme was all about the need to set high standards.
“All the students present have been invited to this consultation because I want to hear your views on themes, such as excellence, methods to achieve and nurture excellence as well as any ideas you may have for taking this country forward,” he said.
Professor Hall stressed that the young people of the country had a lot to offer.
“Today we want to promote the contribution being made by the youths in many sectors as well as to stimulate others to make a commitment to follow a similar path of high standards. Remember that excellence is not an unattainable value.it is about choosing the best,” he said.
The Governor-General reiterated that for the individual, excellence meant being better tomorrow than today.
“It is about matching your practice with your potential and in this connection, it is nurtured in environs where the family encourages, supports and guides young people, where leadership skills are honed through participation in programmes that contribute to community development, and where activities in school and the community improve other people’s standard of living,” he said.