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Governor General His Excellency, the Most Honourable Sir Howard Cooke has called on Jamaicans to take up their responsibility in helping the country to become a united nation and to do their part to ensure economic development.
The Governor General was speaking at an entrepreneurial workshop and launch of a ‘Food and Culture’ festival hosted by Juici Patties as part of activities to mark the company’s 25th anniversary recently.
“We have a responsibility. We are a great nation, a great people and we have been called by God to be an example in the world.that’s what we want peace and harmony. We want to dissipate all that anger in the heart of some people. We want people to realize that there are so many opportunities for us.grow more food,” he said adding that this activity among others would help to earn the country more foreign exchange.
Sir Howard also said Jamaicans needed to “recover goodness” by having more consideration for each other and engaging in volunteer projects.
He congratulated Chief Executive Officer of Juici Patties, Jukie Chin and his staff for their vision, creativity, and commitment to building a fast food chain with a “first world” state of the art processing facility.
Sir Howard also noted their spirit of volunteerism in giving back to the country through activities such as the entrepreneurial workshop and other outreach projects.
In his remarks, Jukie Chin emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship to national development. “It is interesting to note that the largest employer of labour globally is small business and one of the characteristics of entrepreneurship is starting small,” he said.
Mr. Chin said the workshop was a mentorship for small businesses and was focused on sharing with young entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs, the knowledge and experience that had gone into the growth of Juici Patties in order to encourage and inspire persons that there was hope for the country. This was the first in a series of workshops to be held.
“Hopefully people will learn from it and be able to be entrepreneurs themselves and who knows, maybe down the road, maybe not exactly what I did but in a similar way, in a smaller way, in a larger way too, in years to come there will be success stories to be told,” he said.
The workshop which was held under the theme ‘One Jamaica through the Spirit of Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship and the preservation of Jamaican food’ included training sessions on topics such as Money Management, Loans and Finance, Basic Food Handling Techniques/Public Health Regulations/ Storage and Hygiene of Foods, Communications and Customer Service, ‘The Entrepreneur in You’, Mortgage Benefits, Family Life and Parenting, Starting and Financing a Small Business, and Company Registration.
Displays were also mounted by organizations such as the Office of the Registrar of Companies, JAMAL Foundation, Tru Juice, the National Registry of Volunteers, the HEART Trust NTA, the National Development Foundation of Jamaica and various craft vendors.
The Food and Culture Festival is to be held at the Juici Patties Clarendon Park Head Office and processing facility on Sunday, October 16 and will feature local dishes and craft items on sale as well as entertainment by Freddy McGregor, Gregory Isaacs, Eric Donaldson, ToIsis, ASHE, Blue Glades Mento Band.
There will also be a kiddies amusement area among other attractions.
The festival is being sponsored by Pepsi Cola, CVM TV, Grace Kennedy, Tru Juice, National Commercial Bank, Victoria Mutual Building Society, Digicel, Courts Jamaica Limited, Petcom, Anbell, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, and the Tourism Product Development Company.
Juici Patties began in 1980 with one store in May Pen, and has 45 locations including franchises, a processing plant in Jamaica and one in Canada. The organization employs some 1,200 persons and offers a wide range of foods including various kinds of patties, loaves, breakfast and lunch dishes as well as cake and pastry items.