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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke, has extended an invitation to all Jamaicans overseas to visit the island over the next three years, in a home-coming effort to restore communities throughout the various parishes.Sir Howard emphasized that Jamaicans must demonstrate to the world, how “we can unite in an effort of solidarity and nation-building”.
He was speaking at a breakfast meeting held at the Signature Grand in South Florida last Saturday (April 17), hosted by Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness, a New York based non-profit patriotic Movement.
In attendance were clergy leaders of large Jamaican congregations, members of charitable and service organizations, and corporate and political leaders in the South Florida community.
As Patron of the Movement, the Governor-General indicated that during the one-week visit each year by members, persons were urged to return to their respective communities to participate in social and development projects to effect change. Some of these projects were already identified for churches and schools and social institutions.
He cited examples of programmes already in place in Portland, adding that the momentum had begun in other parishes, including Trelawny and St. Elizabeth, leading up to the October home-coming rally.
Hands Across Jamaica was founded in 1994 by motivational speaker, Yvonne Coke, who is also author of the publication ‘Eternal Father Bless Our Land’, a biography of the late Father Hugh Sherlock, who wrote the lyrics of Jamaica’s National Anthem. The Movement, a spiritual one, is based on the principles and application of the National Motto, Anthem and Pledge, and is aimed at mobilizing Jamaicans in the Diaspora to join hands in prayer across the nation to address the social ills facing the country.
The success of the October home-coming rally would be a mission of history, the Governor-General said. The first phase of the rally will be held from Monday, October 18 to Saturday, October 23.
In planning for the October exercise, the Governor-General along with Miss Coke, would be visiting Jamaican communities in major cities overseas to mobilize the Diaspora. Already, similar events had taken place in New York. These are expected to continue across the USA, Canada and Europe.
The Governor-General urged Jamaicans to pray for spiritual wisdom for their homeland and encouraged clerical and political leaders to mobilize their communities to participate in this mission, which he described as “an inspiration for our people”.He reminded his audience that the pages of history have recorded Jamaicans as significant contributors to development of major cities throughout the world.
Sir Howard pointed out that through change, and with endurance, strength and purpose, “our nation has continued to produce world-renowned leaders in the disciplines of science, education, sports and entertainment, among others”.
The event was sponsored by Jamaica National Overseas (USA) Inc. and hosted by the Jamaican Consulate in Miami. The welcome was extended by Consul General, Ricardo Allicock.
During the weekend activities, the Governor-General also worshipped with Jamaican nationals at the Kendall Community Church of God.

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