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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Professor Kenneth Hall, was yesterday (November 27), installed the new President of the Jamaica Institute of Management (JIM), at King’s House.
He succeeds Immediate Past President, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke, former Governor-General.
Executive Chairman at the Institute, Dr. Alfred Sangster, said Professor Hall’s leadership, coming after Sir Howard’s 14-year stint, represented a new dimension in the leadership of JIM.
He pointed out that the history of the Institute, though profound, was marred with instances of inappropriate governance, pending lawsuits, decline in business and reduced demand of the institute’s services.
“A profligate lifestyle by its management culminated in early 2000, when it came to the President’s attention that JIM was in serious trouble and in fact, faced bankruptcy. It was at this point that Sir Howard intervened to save the institute [and] I can say with some confidence, that JIM is on the way back up and the reality of today’s ceremony is testament to that fact,” Dr. Sangster said.
In his response, Professor Hall said he was “honoured to become the new President and will endeavour to serve the Institute and support its programmes as my predecessor have done so well”.
“The baton has been passed to me and I accept it and I wish to serve. JIM is an interesting institution, because long before it was fashionable to speak about management, those who created JIM saw the need for the management of our enterprises. It is therefore not accidental that it has lasted for 40 years,” he said.
Professor Hall said that as JIM was a pioneer in the field of management education in Jamaica, it was likely that its existence would be as eventful as it has been. He further praised JIM for heralding and sustaining a wave of interest in the study of management.
Meanwhile, the Institute inducted nine Fellows, eight of whom are distinguished Jamaicans of note in their fields of endeavour. They include, Wayne Chen, Dr. Ann Crick, Vivian Crawford, Collin Greenland, Earl Moore, Hugh Anthony Reid, Grantley Stephenson and Sandra Shirley.
“We will form a team as you enter into your new obligations,” the Governor-General told the new Fellows.
Professor Hall’s Presidency will usher the Institute into its 40th anniversary.
“I believe that when it celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, JIM will have an opportunity again to remind us of what was intended and what was achieved; so I look forward to the celebrations of next year, to look at all the cumulative achievements that you have made over this period,” the Governor-General said.

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