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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Professor Kenneth Hall, on September 8, presented some 150 volumes of reference books covering a wide range of areas in history, social studies and literature, to the Rusea’s High School in Lucea, Hanover.
The books represent a comprehensive collection by the Governor General, which he had made over the past 10 years.
The collection was handed over to the Principal, June Thompson for the school’s library, in recognition of World Literacy Day (September 8), and would be made accessible to the growing student population in their general studies.
Professor Hall also presented the principal with a copy of the school’s song and the accompanying music score.
His wife, Her Excellency Mrs. Rheima Hall presented the principal with a picture of the Governor-General, for the school’s library.
In making the presentation, the Governor-General said he was appreciative of the part the library had played in his early years as a student at Rusea’s High School.
“We, who are graduates of this institution, feel very strongly about the contribution that this school has made to our lives. We are also saying that those of us who have passed through the school, used the foundation we received here to build lives elsewhere. We are also saying that we wish to return to continue that contribution,” Professor Hall said.
“For all of those reasons it is a pleasure to be back at Rusea’s and I hope that you will continue to do good work. I have, in fact, seen some of the good work, as when I was at CXC, the student who won the Science award that year was from Rusea’s and I had the pleasure of touring with him around the rest of the region. I continue to have considerable respect for this school and its purpose,” the Governor-General said.
Professor Hall pledged to make available to the institution a full collection of all the CXC syllabuses, workbooks and other related documents for the students in their educational development.
Accepting the donation, Mrs. Thompson said the school was proud to be the recipient of the collection of books, some of which were from his own publications.
“I am truly grateful to the Governor-General for taking time out to come to Rusea’s High School and to give us literature which is in short supply at this time. We are presently restoring the library, so this gift of books could not have come at a better moment. I hope that other past students will fall in and make their contributions in enriching our collection in the library,” the principal said.

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