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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Kenneth Hall has embarked on a series of breakfast consultations with students across the island.
To this end, Professor Hall and his wife, Mrs. Rheima Holding Hall met recently with students from high schools within Cornwall County, at the Grand Lido Braco Resort in Trelawny.
“When I’m with young people, I always feel a sense of optimism: the sense that Jamaica has a future and a future that is bright, because more and more of you are beginning to become involved in issues that relate to the future of this country,” the Governor-General told the students. He explained that the purpose of the meeting was to have students look at themselves in a positive way, as they work towards the future development of Jamaica.
Professor Hall thanked the students and teachers for participating, and encouraged the students to continue to work hard, so as to achieve their goals in life.
Meanwhile, National Co-ordinator for the Governor General’s Achievement Award Scheme, Hugh Morris, told JIS News that he was pleased with the turn out of the students and how they participated in the discussion.
“It was interesting to hear how many of these students spoke about the importance of education and not only that, but I found it rather interesting how they spoke about the developments for the agricultural sector, because they felt that if the country could produce more, then we would be more self-efficient and not import so much,” he said. He informed that the students from the County of Middlesex would meet with the Governor-General on June 20. “From there we’ll go to Portland and St. Mary on September 19 and this will be done so as to prevent students from travelling great distances in order to attend. The final session for Surrey will be hosted by the parish of St. Andrew on October 24, 2007,” he said.
Wayne Brown, a student from the Montego Bay Community College told JIS News that he was happy to know that he was afforded the opportunity to participate in the Governor General’s breakfast consultation.
“I think the session was good and I really applaud the Government and the Office of the Governor General in making strides in getting feedback from young people in regard to the governance of the country. It is my firm belief that as Jamaicans we should know what is going on in our country and this meeting with the Governor General gave us that opportunity,” he said.
Maleka Hill from Black River High School said that the meeting with the Governor General was interesting, as it allowed her to have a better understanding of the budget.
“I personally shared my view that more emphasis should be placed within the sectors of Education, Health and Agriculture. I say education, because it allows for upward social mobility; health because persons have to be healthy in order to function effectively, and I say agriculture because it will allow the country to spend less on imports if we are producing more for ourselves and in the long run we will have more to export,” she said.

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