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Governor General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Kenneth Hall, has lauded the activities of the Dolphin Head Trust, which has been established to ensure the protection and conservation of the Dolphin Head Mountains located in the parish of Hanover.
Guided by the vision of preserving rich biodiversity, while creating prosperous communities, the Trust seeks to educate, involve and employ local community members in all areas of operations, as it regards proper land use recommendations and resource utilization, so that all activities will be in harmony with nature.
Speaking at the organization’s awards ceremony and official launch of the Bliss Bamboo product line at the Tryall Golf and Country Club in Hanover on July 24, the Governor General said that the Trust was providing hope for the parish of Hanover and helping to shape a new vision for its development.
“The establishment of the Dolphin Head Trust seeks to provide an alternative that will together, with other planned initiatives, provide hope and opportunities for Hanoverians. The significance of the Trust goes well beyond its primary purpose . for by the use of volunteers and its programmes for sustainable use of natural resources, environmental awareness and the development of alternative livelihoods, the Trust is in fact providing hope for Hanover and helping to shape a new vision for the parish’s development”, Professor Hall noted.
Commenting on the Bliss Bamboo product line, which comprises furniture and craft made from bamboo, the Governor General observed that the successful implementation of the project was an indication that Jamaicans took seriously, “the ideals of sustainable development that recognizes the interdependence of environmental, social and economic systems and promotes equality and justice, through people empowerment and a sense of global citizenship”.
“The Trust must be commended, not only for using the local resources, but also for focusing on community-based projects such as the Dolphin Head bamboo facility. The facility provides employment as well as training in bamboo craft techniques. The critical success factor though, is the extent to which these products are going to be successful in penetrating the local tourism and furniture markets and hopefully the international markets as well, in the case of the French Islands and beyond”, Professor Hall pointed out.
Her Excellency, the Most Hon. Mrs. Rheima Hall unveiled the new Bliss Bamboo product line, which was a set of beautifully crafted dining and living room furniture, created from locally grown bamboo.

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