Ministry of Transport and Mining

Head Minister Email:
  • State Minister: The Hon. J.C. Hutchinson, CD, MP |
  • Permanent Secretary: Dr. Janine Dawkins (Acting) |
  • Website:
  • Address and Contact:

    138H Maxfield Avenue
    Kingston 10
    Tel: 876-754-1900-1/876-754-2584-9/876-754-2590-3
    Fax: 876-754-2595


Departments – Transport

  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Limited (AEROTEL) Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ)
  • Air Transport Licensing Board
  • Caribbean Maritime Institute
  • (CMI) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Island Traffic Authority (ITA)
  • Jamaica Urban Transport Company (JUTC) and its subsidiaries (including the Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Company)
  • Jamaica Railway Corporation (JRC)
  • Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) Metropolitan Management Transport Holdings Montego Bay Metro Company Limited Norman Manley International Airport
  • National Road Safety Council (Chaired by the Prime Minister)
  • Ports Security Corps Limited (PSC)
  • Transport Authority
  • Urban and Rural Transport Boards

Departments – Mining

  • Clarendon Alumina Production Limited (CAP)
  • Seismic (Earthquake) Research Unit
  • Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI)
  • Jamaica Bauxite Mining Company (JBM)
  • Mines and Geology Division

Focus – Transport

  • Airports
  • Air Transport
  • Land Transport
  • Sea Transport
  • Explosives and other Dangerous Substances
  • Shipping
  • The Jamaica Railway Corporation Act
  • Public Passenger Transport (Corporate Area) Act
  • Public Passenger Transport (Rural Area) Act
  • Road Safety
  • Shipping Act
  • Airports Authority Act

Focus – Mining

  • Bauxite and Alumina
  • Bauxite Community Development Projects
  • Mining
  • Quarries
  • Non-Bauxite Minerals
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