Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce

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The Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce is described as Jamaica’s “Business Ministry.” It’s mandate is to lead the development of policies that will create growth and jobs, while achieving social inclusion and consumer protection. The Ministry, working its stakeholders is primarily responsible for business policy development, monitoring and evaluation, while giving direction and oversight to a cluster of implementing departments and agencies.

Vision Statement
By 2030, MIIC has achieved innovative, inclusive, sustainable and internationally competitive Jamaican Industries.

Mission Statement
To create an enabling environment which grows and sustains industries; promotes investment and trade; and ensures consumer protection while fostering gender equality and social inclusion in all our policies, programmes and projects.

-To increase, by 10%, the access of Jamaican Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to finance and support services by 2025.
-To develop and implement twenty-nine (29) supporting policy, legal and planning frameworks that will build resilience and protect the Jamaican brand, consumers and local businesses by 2025
-To increase by 23% the manufacturing output by 2025.
-To facilitate a 20% increased access to markets for Jamaican products and services by 2025.
-To develop and begin implementation of action plans of at least four (4) key industries within the next four years.
-To have at least 20% of the beneficiaries of MIIC’s programmes be youth, women, and persons with disability, micro enterprises or any vulnerable group from the productive sectors by 2025.
-To contribute at least 25% to the national investment target by 2025.
-To increase in exports by 20% by 2025.
-To identify, allocate and optimally use human and financial resources based on agreed National and Ministry’s strategic priorities within the four years.

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