Road Maintenance Fund

The Road Maintenance Fund Board is comprised of 11 directors and a chairman. It manages the pool of funds for the specific maintenance of main roads and structures island-wide, pursuant to section (4) of the Main Roads Act. There are over 5000km of roadway designated as main road which falls under the purview of the Board. The scope of the maintenance work involves periodic and routine maintenance of roads, structures and matters incidental thereto.

A dedicated fund for the maintenance of the main road network was established by the Road Maintenance Fund Act of 2002. Funding is received from the Inland Revenue Department on a monthly basis and is calculated at one third (1/3) of total collection of the island’s motor licences fees. Two and half percent (2 ½ %) handling fee is deducted by the Inland Revenue Department for administrative purposes. The Fund is projected to receive an average of three hundred and sixty million dollars ($360mil) from this source. Disbursement to the Fund commenced in August 2003.

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