Office of the Supervisor of Insolvency

The incumbent is responsible for regulating the licensing of trustees and supervise the administration of all estates and matters to which the Insolvency Act applies, including estates administered by the Government Trustee and ensuring that the functions of the Office are carried out efficiently and in accordance with stated policy objectives.

The following are the deliverables of the Supervisor of Insolvency:-

  • Corporate Plan
  • Operational Plan
  • Trustees Licences
  • Insolvency Registry
  • Certificates of Assignment
  • Investigations
  • Examinations of bankrupts
  • Decisions and Directions
  • Legal work



  • Ensures public knowledge and understanding of the law and procedures relating to insolvency administration
  • Prepares the Strategic Business Plans and Operational Plans for the OSI and Corporate Services Unit and monitors their implementation to achieve short and long-term objectives
  • In collaboration with the Government Trustee, reviews and approves the budget of the Offices to ensure sufficiency to finance planned activities and monitors its implementation to ensure reasonable expenditure in meeting office’s needs
  • Prepares Work Plans and monitor their implementation of staff of the OSI and Corporate Services Unit
  • Establish criteria for assessing the performance of staff of the OSI and Corporate Services Unit
  • Provides proper supervision to the staff of the OSI and Corporate Services Unit to ensure their compliance with relevant laws, regulations and policies and that tasks are performed with efficiency and due diligence.
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