Micro Investment Development Agency Limited (MIDA)

The Micro Investment Development Agency Limited (MIDA) was established in 1991 to provide a focused approach to the development of the micro enterprise sector by providing or seeing to the critical inputs necessary for the growth and sustainability of the sector.

The major functional strategies of MIDA are:



The provision of wholesale funds to enable micro entrepreneurs to obtain financing on a timely basis and on satisfactory terms;


To build a network of partners to facilitate the delivery of non-financial services to the sector.

The corporate plan takes into account: strategic objectives, functional strategies of the Agency, its medium term financial plan, its operation plan, key outputs, policy priorities, performance indicators, targets, an analysis of its current performance and financial projections


The Government of Jamaica’s involvement in the development of the micro and small enterprise sector is a result of deliberate strategies taken by the government to create employment and reduce the level of poverty in the country.

The Agency has therefore implemented strategies to focus on the growth and development of the micro enterprise sector. These strategies include:

The provision of wholesale credit: 

Deepening the access to micro enterprise credit through the creation of a network of community based credit organizations, Community Development Funds (CDFs)  and Micro Finance Organizations (MFOs) so as to empower individuals to obtain loan financing. Such individuals would normally be unable to access credit from the traditional commercial banks and existing lending institutions;

The delivery of non-financial services to its network of retail lending agencies, including the CDFs and MFOs, and by extension to individuals wishing to expand or start their micro enterprises through networking with stakeholders in the sector.

MIDA operates in the micro enterprise sector as distinct from the small business sector.

Those in the self-employed or ‘own account workers’ category owning business assets of $600,000 and less and wish to expand their micro enterprises. They are largely part of the ‘informal sector’

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