Jamaican Embassy – Tokyo

The Embassy of Jamaica in Tokyo is the arm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica which is responsible for promoting and protecting the interests of Jamaica in Japan, India, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, so as to contribute to the social, economic, cultural and sustainable development of Jamaica. It seeks to do this by:

  1. promoting the ties of friendship with the countries named;
  2. enhancing consultations and cooperation through political and diplomatic channels;
  3. monitoring and reporting on political, economic and cultural trends to enable Jamaica to effectively respond to changes in the international environment;
  4. Negotiating and monitoring bilateral agreements in various fields;
  5. Providing active support to initiatives in the areas of trade and investment, tourism promotion, cultural and sporting exchanges, as well as other areas determined to be in Jamaica’s critical interest;
  6. Gaining access to development and technical assistance;
  7. Disseminating information which promotes and enhances a positive image of Jamaican society and culture;
  8. Creating an awareness of Jamaica’s interests and stance on issues among Governments and opinion makers, and other relevant segments of the international community;
  9. Promoting the safety and protection of Jamaican citizens, through the provision of consular services, advice and assistance when required;
  10. Overseeing and coordinating the network of Jamaican Honorary Consuls in the countries of accreditation, as well as in Thailand and  the Philippines,
  11. Encouraging the participation by Jamaican nationals overseas in the national development process, particularly in the areas of investment, trade, financial and other services, as well as charitable initiatives with regard to the Jamaican health and education sectors.
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