Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners was established in 1958 under Section 36 of the Electric Lighting Law to “conduct examinations at such times and places and in such matter as the Board thinks it fit”. The Electric Lighting Act stipulates that “Every person requiring a licence authorizing him to make installations of electric light, electric power, telephone or electric bells, shall make application for such licence in writing to the Board.”

The main functions of the Board of Examiners are:

  1. The administration of the written and oral examinations for practicing electricians pursuant to licensing;
  2. To ensure that licensed electricians carry out their practice of their trade in conformity with existing regulations and maintain the integrity of the electrical installation trade;
  3. Facilitate consultation with educational institutions which undertake training and development initiatives in the electrical installation trade.
  4. Liaise with regulatory agencies that monitors and review standards for the safe and secure practices of electricians.
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