Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission

The Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission has concluded five investigations, four of which addressed allegations of dumping and the fifth, an application for a safeguard. In all cases, the Commission found that measures were warranted. A safeguard was not imposed, as the associated international burdens could be avoided and a comparable level of coverage for the domestic industry reached by increasing the applied tariff rate in line with the amount of duty recommended.

Other complaints have been examined but the requisite evidence has not been found for the Commission to open investigations in those matters.  The Commission has facilitated by exhaustive research and insightful analysis, trade negotiations and policy formulation to enhance the international trade environment for businesses.

Challenged to perform its complex and specialised work with staffing and resource constraints, the Commission seizes opportunities for training, creating a cadre of specialists in trade law, economics, and WTO trade rules.  The Commission assists Jamaican businesses to learn and use the trade remedy instruments available to aid them in becoming globally competitive.

The Commission assists Jamaican exporters to become pro-active in avoiding trade remedies action, which they could face overseas.

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