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Minister with responsibility for Information and Telecommunication Daryl Vaz, has emphasised that the Government must lead by maximizing the use of technology.
Speaking at a recent Digicel Business Seminar in Kingston, Mr. Vaz said one of the ways that the Government of Jamaica must lead is, “making ready our public institutions to maximise the use of new technologies to deliver quality service, efficiently and cost effectively to the people of Jamaica.”
He added that if the country is to achieve its development goals then it is important to get connected through a harmonised, Government wide, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructure and system that are customised to meet the needs of Jamaicans.
“We are pursuing with focus, the establishment of GovNet. GovNet will offer multiple platforms for interaction with citizens, while allowing public offices to communicate, integrate their functions, and better respond to the needs of citizens and business in the delivery of public service” Minister Vaz said.
He noted that the Government has commenced the necessary assessment of its priorities, existing systems and processes and is undertaking the related analyses and other preparations.
The Minister commended Digicel and those of its partner CISCO and Research in Motion for their commitment to development and also to all participants of the vital ICT industry.

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