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Government is proceeding with work to repair some of the roofing of the May Pen Hospital which was damaged by the last two hurricanes and which has demobilised some sections of the hospital. These repairs should be completed to allow for the re-opening of the hospital wards within the next two weeks, according to the Senior Medical officer for the hospital, Dr Winston Dawes.
These disclosures were made on Friday (Jan 11) when Prime Minister Golding began the first in a series of parish tours, starting in Clarendon. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Transport Minister and MP for Central Clarendon, Mike Henry, Health Minister and MP for South Eastern Clarendon, Rudyard Spencer, the Mayor of May Pen, Milton Brown, Councillors and representatives from various government agencies. The tour included visits to the proposed Herb McKenley Stadium, JAMALCO, Lionel Town Hospital and Rocky Point. The purpose of the tour was to review a number of projects that are currently underway and to update the Prime Minister on their progress.
Following a full site visit of the hospital, Mr. Golding instructed Transport minister, Mike Henry, to put a team together to conduct the necessary survey of the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon following reports that underground water is undermining some of the structures at the hospital.
During the tour of the May Pen Hospital, Mr. Golding paid tribute to Dr Winston Dawes and his staff for the work they have been doing against the background of many challenges including structural defects, dysfunctionality, and the inadequate security of the hospital.
Prime Minister Golding noted that ‘When people are ill, we have an obligation to ensure their physical safety and security so that they can attend to their medical difficulties and therefore it is going to be important for us to ensure we can properly secure the compound’.
The Prime Minister also toured the site where the Government is developing a stadium to be named in honour of the late Jamaican Olympian, Herb McKenley. He said there are some phases of the development that government will have to take control of and this is under discussion with Minister Henry to ensure speedy implementation.
“We want to have a facility in Clarendon, the parish of Herb McKenley’s birth that is commensurate with the tremendous achievement that this great Jamaican has brought to Jamaica and the pride he has brought to all of us”, Mr. Golding said.

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