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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, says that Government is being vigilant with matters relating to labour and the economy at this critical time.
He was welcoming listeners to his monthly radio call-in programme, “Jamaica House Live” during last night’s (Nov 26) airing, the last show for the year.
“Government has been careful, meticulous and judicious in managing this situation and also has faith in the Jamaican people who know how to band together in these difficult times,” he said.
He noted that the Ministry of Labour was active in its effort to minimise job losses.
“We would not want to see plants closed. The Ministry of Labour has been meeting unions to work on preventing job losses and minimising losses,” he assured.
Mr. Golding also noted that the Bank of Jamaica was giving support to banks that might have some exposure to the global economic crisis.
“The Bank of Jamaica is walking through with banks during this very difficult period. This situation will not last forever and we are seeing how we can protect ourselves and take advantage of any opportunities.”
Although cautioning that Jamaica’s tourism and exports are being affected by the downturn in the US Economy, the PM informed listeners that remittances had gone up.
“Remittances are 7% above the same period last year”, he said and stressed that there was reason to hope.
“In the midst of disaster, there are opportunities,” the Prime Minister said stressing that it was up to Jamaicans to work creatively to minimise further impact on the economy.

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