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Prime Minister Golding has noted that once again two Jamaicans have made the country extremely proud – Usain Bolt with his World Record gold medal victory in the men’s 200m final and the Olympic Record gold medal by Melaine Walker in the 400m hurdles, just minutes ago in the Beijing Olympics.
Mr. Golding said that both Bolt and Walker, have again demonstrated to the world that discipline, hard work and confidence, are the ingredients that will guarantee success in any endeavour, no matter how difficult or challenging the task.
Usain Bolt has stamped his superiority on the world, sweeping us all along with him and taking Jamaica’s name to every nook and cranny of the globe. Melanie Walker, the former World Junior champion, shows the determination and endurance of the Jamaican woman – the depth and breadth of our athletic talent.

Melaine Walker celebrates after winning the gold medal. (Photo credit: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

The taste of success is what every Jamaican is enjoying right now. Let us savour the taste, bathe in its sweetness and let us transform that taste to all the other aspects of our life. Let us endeavour to ensure that when the world hears the name Jamaica, that our name becomes the symbol of all that is positive and uplifting’ Mr. Golding urged.
As the Government embarks on a plan for a massive celebration to welcome home Jamaica’s successful athletes, Mr. Golding has called on all Jamaicans “to embrace the thought that we are no ordinary people and so only the extraordinary is expected to spring from us, as we use the fuel of the inspiration provided by our athletes, to funnel our dreams for a better Jamaica, despite all the challenges”.
“Let us also celebrate with Usain, his 22nd birthday as it comes tomorrow. Happy birthday Usain! The world and Jamaica, celebrate your special day”, Mr. Golding concluded.