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KINGSTON — Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, has underscored the need for partnership between the Government and other critical stakeholders, to enable Jamaica to achieve economic transformation and improvements in the social environment.

Delivering the Throne Speech entitled ‘From Stabilisation to Growth' during the 2011/12 State Opening of Parliament at Gordon House on Thursday April 14, Sir Patrick said that the administration has sought, through the Partnership for Transformation initiative, to establish a forum, incorporating representatives of the Government, private sector, trade unions and, more recently, civil society, to facilitate dialogue and consensus.

“The success of the partnership will always depend on the willingness and commitment of each of the parties to utilise this forum, not only for determining what must be done to achieve our common goals, but as a means of resolving issues on which disagreement may arise. Let the dialogue proceed and mature, for we are all in this boat together and none of us can reach the shore before the other,” he stated.

Sir Patrick urged members of both Houses of Parliament to be mindful of their responsibilities as representatives of the people, as the new legislative year progresses, reminding them to be acutely aware of the demands that are made of them and the “hopes and aspirations that the people expect you to fulfill."

He noted that the difficulties that the country faces, including the scarcity of resources and the unfriendliness of the international economic environment, are real issues from which one cannot escape, but it is the duty of those who sit in Parliament, “to navigate the ship of state."

“We have been through the worst, but there are still waves that must be ridden and storm clouds that must be watched.  It is your decisions and actions that will determine whether it sails out of the turbulent seas, to safe harbour.

 “You will need to exercise responsibility, care and sound judgment, remembering that we are all in this boat together and none can reach the shore without the other,” Sir Patrick stated.



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