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    Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Kenneth Hall, has put forward his vision for a prosperous Jamaica, where law and order prevailed and nationals strove for excellence at all times.
    “It is a vision of a country, where people will renew their appreciation of good governance and the rule of law.use their skills to promote development, denounce crime and violence, and engender a civilized society,” he stated.
    The Governor-General, who was speaking at a civic function held at Lawrence Park, St. Ann’s Bay on May 9, noted that the vision could become a reality, should all Jamaicans work together, use their skills and talents and adopt excellence as a natural way of life.
    “Consider the impact and the new Jamaica that would emerge if we were all seized with a determination to pursue excellence in all we do. Imagine what would happen if we accepted the concept that excellence is not an act but a habit; not a position but a disposition”, Professor Hall pointed out.
    Turning to the country’s youth, the Governor-General noted that they represented the largest segment of the society, and their talents should be honed and channeled into productive endeavours and service to community and the nation on the whole.
    “It is my considered view that the youth of this country share many of our own hopes. They believe in strong leadership and I am sure that most, if not all of them, would wish for a crime-free society and economic stability, where employment generation is an important part.
    “I believe as well that they would wish to have their civil and individual rights enlarged and I believe that we share with them that we want a society where freedom and justice will become the standard bearers of ethics and morality in public life,” the Governor-General stated.
    Professor Kenneth Hall stopped in St. Ann as part of his island-wide familiarization tour, to consult with custodes, justices of the peace, business people and citizens.