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Jamaican youth have been challenged not to wait on the opportunities to find them but to go in search of them and to let their lights shine. ‘Even if you didn’t get the help and assistance, take charge of your life and let your light shine’. Prime Minister Bruce Golding told an audience of mainly young people to take their school work seriously if they are still at school, that they are never too old to learn and that knowledge is never too impatient to pause if they are prepared to grab hold of it.

Speaking at yesterday’s (Jan 23) 12th Prime Minister’s Youth awards at Jamaica House, Mr. Golding said that amid all the challenges that young people have to face, they should resolve to make themselves a better person. ‘

‘Don’t allow yourself to be captured by evil influences such as drug pushers, the crime recruiters. Don’t allow yourself to be swallowed up in indiscipline and immorality and social deformity. Make it your cause to change it’, Mr. Golding said. He said the vast majority of our young people are going to live in   Jamaica. ‘If you help to destroy it, the misery that will result will be yours to suffer. If you help to make it a better place, the bounty will be yours to share. There is a star in every one of you let it shine’, he concluded.

42 Jamaicans between the ages of 18-24 were recognized for their contributions to their country. The Prime Minister’s Youth awards recognizes youth who have excelled and contributed significantly to youth development.  Director of Youth Policy and programme Development, Roberta Brown- Ellis said the  award has been done to ensure that young persons are given a platform to showcase their outstanding achievements in the areas of  agriculture, entrepreneurship,  sports, youth in service, the arts and culture, academics,  leadership,  and journalism. Receiving the awards for Organisation service was the non-governmental community-based organization, the Children First Agency.


Issued by: The Office of the Prime Minister