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The Government of Germany, through the European Union (EU), intends to pump approximately 25 million Euros into several social and economic programmes in Jamaica within the next five years, German Spokesperson on Economic and Social Development, Dr. Sascha Raabe has said.
“Germany does most of its programmes through the EU. Germany funds 22 per cent of all the development co-operation projects of the EU here in Jamaica. We have 110 million Euros that we are going to invest within the next five years, and around 25 million Euros is coming from Germany,” he disclosed.
After a meeting between Jamaican and German Parliamentarians at Gordon House in downtown Kingston, yesterday (December 4), Dr. Raabe told JIS News that he would be suggesting to the European Commission that most of this sum should go towards educational programmes.
“We have to talk with the Head of the European Commission and as the biggest donor, we have a word to say in which fields they should invest it. We understand that education is a very important subject for you and I will therefore suggest that they look into this,” he said.
The German Parliamentarian said that members of the delegation were very impressed with the natural beauty, the resources and the people of Jamaica, and as such when they returned home, they intend to persuade more German companies to invest in the country’s tourism sector.
“The tourism sector has space for more investments from German companies. We heard that it is mainly Spanish investors right now, and I think for German investors this is a very good place for investment. When we go back to Germany, we will help to boost this co-operation,” he assured.
Dr. Raabe further noted that the delegation would also encourage more Germans to visit Jamaica. “When I go back to Germany I will tell my people that Jamaica is not only a nice and beautiful country, but the people are very friendly. We feel very welcomed here in Jamaica, we like the people and we like the culture and the music. This is very good for the German tourist,” he said.
Issues discussed at the meeting included intensifying co-operation between both countries in the areas of climate change, renewable energy, as well as poverty and crime reduction.
Members of the delegation will leave the island today for Panama.

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