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A project seeking to start young black British Boys on a path to careers in medicine and research science was officially launched last week in London.
‘Generating Genius’, which starts this summer, will see 10 black British boys participating in a four-week summer programme at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona Campus in Jamaica. Ten Jamaican boys will also participate in the programme.
Generating Genius is the brainchild of educator, Dr. Tony Sewell and is being sponsored this year by the Jamaica National Building Society and the Gleaner Voice Group.
Dr. Sewell told the official launch that the project would continue with the selected boy for a seven-year period. The boys will attend the summer camp annually with the expectation that they will go on to medcial school or work in top research facilities.
The project is one of several initiatives to reverse the issue of the underachievement of boys of Afro Caribbean heritage in the UK. Dr. Sewell said where Generating Genius is different from other project aimed at black boys is the fact that the intervention is being done at a younger age – as early as one-year old.
Jamaican High Commissioner, Gail Mathurin, who was the guest speaker welcomed and commended the project.
“It is particularly satisfying that this programme, Generating Genius, was conceived by an educator of Jamaican heritage, Dr. Tony Sewell, and is being sponsored this year by two prominent Jamaican companies. By focussing on the sciences, this programme will also dispel the stereotype that only certain groups have an aptitude in this area,” she said.
The High Commissioner added, “what sets Generating Genius apart from other educational programmes is that it will offer a long-term commitment to the boys who are selected. I am pleased that they will continue to attend the summer programme at the University of the West Indies and be mentored and supervised until they reach sixth form.”
The High Commissioner also spoke of Jamaica’s strong tradition in the sciences noting that the programme’s importance could not be over emphasised.
“The importance of this programme cannot be over emphasised. The quality of education that our children receive will play a significant part in their success in today’s rapidly evolving world. I am sure that Generating Genius will help to dispel the notion that is not ‘cool’ to do well in school,” she said.

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