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Medical supplies and equipment valued at US$56,000 were handed over to the Gayle Health Clinic, St. Mary, on Wednesday (August 25).
The items were donated by the Solomonic Philanthropic Lodge, an organization comprising Jamaicans living in Canada. They included; blood pressure monitors, wheel chairs, walking sticks, syringes, suction kits, crutches, isolation gowns and scrubs.
Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Minister of State for Local Government in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Hon. Robert Montague, praised the Canadian-based organization for its contribution to the health sector.
He said the initiative materialised when a Jamaican residing in Canada, Lloyd Seiveright, marshalled Jamaicans to contribute medical supplies to the island’s health services. As a result, infirmaries, islandwide, in addition to hospitals such as the Bustamante Hospital for Children, the Kingston Public Hospital and the St. Ann Bay Hospital have benefitted over the years.
Mr. Montague said the supplies will be shared with other health clinics in the parish, including in Jeffery Town, Carron Hall, Oracabessa, Wood Park, Fellowship Hall, Retreat, Free Hill and Labyrinth.
He stated that he is working assiduously to restart surgical procedures at the Port Maria Hospital. Approximately 70,000 residents, who would normally have to travel to St Ann’s Bay Hospital, would benefit from the improved service.
“There comes a time when the economic cost of offering a service, should take second place to the people who will benefit from the service. I am committed to making that happen,” he said.
Turning to other matters, the Minister said the parish will be benefitting shortly from a new fire truck. According to him, the donation was made possible through representations by Andrew Lawrence of the Jamaican Diaspora in Hartford, United States.
The fire unit, expected to arrive in the island in September, has a 100-foot extended ladder feature, suitable for high rise buildings and certain rescue operations. The unit will be based at the new Bascobel International Airport in St. Mary,
Also addressing the function was Parish Manager for St. Mary Health Service, Dr. Isaac Brown, who thanked Mr. Montague for facilitating the process. He said the supplies would prove to be beneficial to the various facilities and would improve the service they offer to the public.

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