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An allocation of $595 million has been made to meet the cost of servicing the deferred financing facility that was utilized to construct arterial roads across the island, representing the amount which falls due for this financial year. The funds have been set aside in the 2004/2005 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives.
Arterial roads relates to the network of main roads and highways linking the island’s 14 parish capitals. It comprises approximately 809 kilometres of roads including 245 bridges, 1450 culverts as well as walls and associated structures. Most of these roads were constructed during the days of the horse and buggy mode of transportation and have been improved to acceptable standards over time.
In addition, $5 million has been allotted to deal with routine maintenance, rehabilitation and installation of traffic signals and road markings islandwide under the Traffic Management and Control project.
The funds will also aid the planning and implementation of traffic management measures to improve traffic flow in urban areas. Meanwhile, another $3.2 million has been allocated to the Traffic and Road Safety Project to continue with the administration and development of technical systems and practices in order to foster permanent road safety islandwide.
In the area of rehabilitation and maintenance, the Electrical and Mechanical services project will receive $1.8 million to continue with rehabilitation and maintenance of the Ministry’s office buildings in order to provide a more comfortable working environment for Ministry staff.

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