JIS News

The Ministry of National Security’s Maintenance of Law and Order Programme has been allotted $100 million in the 2004/2005 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives.
Of this sum, some $39 million will be used to purchase telecommunications equipment for the revamped traffic ticketing system being implemented by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, while $16 million will be used to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance of selected police stations and buildings and $40 million for the acquisition of motor vehicles for the Police Department.
Meanwhile the Correctional Services Production Company Limited (COSPROD), which was established in 1994/95 to take over productive assets of the Adult Correctional Centres and assume responsibility for productive use of their resources, is set to receive $5 million to aid with the continuation of its projects at Tamarind Farm and Richmond Farm Adult Correctional Centres. It will finance the administrative costs and requirements for undertaking agricultural activities.