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More than 20 fruit trees have been planted at the Trout Hall All-age School in Clarendon in celebration of World Food Day. The tree planting ceremony was held on Tuesday (October 14), as the main activity for the parish by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), under the theme: ‘International Alliance Against Hunger’.
RADA’s Parish Manager for Clarendon, Percival Shaw, said that the trees planted were sweetsop, cashew, avocado and otaheiti apple with breadfruit and citrus to be planted at a later date.
“We have to plant now in order to reap later. A lot of what youngsters are reaping no, were planted long ago, so we need to prepare for those who will come later,” he said.
He said that World Food Day was being hosted under the auspices of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and was celebrated every year.
Mr. Shaw informed that a week of activities to mark the occasion started on October 12 at the Thicketts United Church in St. Ann and culminated in an awards ceremony, at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, on October 16.
In a World Food Day message, Director General of the FAO, Jacques Diouf, said that about 800 million people around the world were suffering from hunger.
He said however, that the goal of the World Food Summit of 1996, where 170 countries participated, was to reduce the number by half by 2015.
Students from Frankfield Primary, Park Hall Primary, Leicesterfield Primary and Junior High, Long Look All-age, Crooked River All-age and Trout Hall All-age School, participated in the tree planting exercise.

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