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The Franklin Town Primary School, Kingston, was on Thursday, May 23, given a much needed facelift as scores of volunteers turned out to take part in this year’s Labour Day activities.

The work was primarily focused on improving the aesthetics of the learning institution, situated at 4 Victoria Street, and included repainting of the main building and the pedestrian crossing; re-patching of the entrance to the school; and replanting and fencing of the school gardens.

Minister of Education, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, who participated in the work day, praised the volunteers, especially the young people, who turned out to participate.

The Education Minister, who is also Member of Parliament for Central Kingston, noted the importance of Labour Day in building communities, “particularly in areas like Central Kingston, where, although people live closely together, they often don’t get to combine on specific projects”.

He told JIS News that he was pleased that many of the projects in the area “are centred around the schools, which ought to be the centre of communal life.”

“There is no way we can pay for every aspect of work and service…look at us here at Franklin Town, the Ministry of Education would… probably have difficulties mobilising the funds needed, but it is through voluntarism like this that improvements will take place,” he pointed out.

Principal of the school, Leroy Smith, told JIS News that the community selected the beautification of the institution as its main project, as it is seen as the “pride of the community”.

Mr. Smith informed that during the day, approximately 10 students from the Mico University College will be painting murals at the school as part of efforts to make it more attractive and inspire the students.

Past student and President of the Franklin Town Police Youth Club, Rox Brissett, told JIS News that giving back to his institution “is a wonderful feeling” especially since the teachers contributed a lot to his development.

Other volunteers included members of the Franklin Town Development Council, the school board, community members, past students, and teachers.

Rev. Thwaites also participated in activities at the Kingston Technical High School; St. Michael’s Primary School; Central Police Station; and the Kingston Poor Relief Centre.

Labour Day 2013 is being celebrated under the theme: ‘Lend a Hand… Build our Land’.

Contact: Chris Patterson

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